I first started EFT a couple of months ago because I was having a lot of anxiety. It didn’t take very long to see the results. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe how I was able to go from being so anxious to calm just by doing a few rounds of
tapping. I was a little skeptical at first that something so simple could work so well. There are so many areas in your life that you can use tapping it doesn’t have to be just anxiety. I’ve even shown my children how to tap for either sickness, stress or behavior issues. I feel that EFT has been a wonderful gift in my life and I am so grateful for that and I recommend it to anyone!

Charles Galazzo

I’m writing this little note to thank Viva Santé for all your help in my recent diet. While having lunch with a friend last November, I kept thinking how great he looked, when I asked him if he changed anything, he told me that he lost 30 lbs. through a protein diet.

On November 22nd, I met with Donna at Viva Santé and she told me all about Ideal Protein and how it works. I decided to get into it right away even thought I had lots of social events already planned due to the approaching Holiday Season. She gave me tricks and advices on how to deal with different situations, and just after 2 weeks it became a routine which I adhere to.

The weight loss came really quick. On my first visit, I weighted 255 lbs. and I have reached my weight of 200 lbs. by Feb 21st, only 3 months after. Being both a big eater and drinker, I was sure I would never think possible to follow a diet like this, but truthfully with the result coming so fast and being complimented all the time on how much better I look, it made it real easy.

Now I am working with Donna on maintaining this weight, the adrenaline deriving from looking at myself in a mirror or being complimented by family and friends make it real easy.

Again thank you very much; you have added lots of joy and pleasure to my everyday life.


Hélène Flamos – Laval

My name is Helene Flamos. Since 1999, I have suffered from dislocated discs in my back (L5-S1) following an accident in Europe. I was experiencing excruciating back pain which continued to get worse year after year. I consulted many doctors but could find no relief. I tried to lose weight myself, but could not.

I got to a point where I could not walk long distances nor could I walk up stairs. Because of this immobility, I developed a thrombophlebitis. I was watching my life pass before me and felt helpless.

Thanks to the advice at this centre by following the Ideal Protein weightloss method and using the INOVO infratherapy, I lost 11 lbs the 1st week and then an additional 30 after that. My body was transformed. The most important: I walk, go up stairs, get into and out of my car in a few seconds and can get out of bed in an instant. There is no longer inflammation.

I owe a lot to this centre and their program. I am honestly a new person! Thank You!


Marlène R. – Île Bizard

I lost the weight quickly without suffering from hunger and I had alot of energy.  Furthermore, I firmed up with INOVO.


Lise M. – Île Bizard

I lost 75 lbs, solved my problem with diabetes and I have never felt better.  And I continue.


Gisèle P. – Île Bizard

I went from being a size 22 to a size 12 and from age 65 to age 35 in terms of fitness and form.  I have never felt better, even while on the diet.


Caroline P. – Île Bizard

Ever since my 20’s I have tried many diets, but since I did not see rapid results, I became discouraged.  At the age of 45 I decided it was time to do something about it.
It was incredible to see my neighbors losing so much weight on this diet!  They talked to me about Ideal Protein and all of the benefits.  So I decided to try it!  By learning more about these products, I realized that we could lose weight quickly and firm up while combining the diet with the INOVO infratherapy.  Personally, I combined both with great success!  In 3 months I lost 25 lbs and I am very proud of myself!


Thank you so much for yesterday! Thank you for telling me about the EFT workshop. It was a miracle this morning! I tried the tapping and I am amazed. I never actually talked to my body before and more than that, never got a response so quickly. I will tell you more about it. I wanted to take a few moment and thank you :)