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Treating the orange peel skin and reducing the trapped fat that is resistant to exercise and diet is possible thanks to the Cellu M6 Keymodule by LPG Systems (  Lipomassage by Endermologie is the solution for cellulite, localized fat areas and sagging skin.

In addition to being non-invasive and painless, Lipomassage is the first recognized treatment in the USA by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and in Europe by L’Agence Francaise de securité sanitaire des produits de santé.  By offering a natural solution to improve the appearance of cellulite and to resculpt the famous ‘’saddlebag thighs’’.  This technique was created and developed in France over 25 years ago and is recognized worldwide.  The benefits are both therapeutic and esthetic.  Although most people come for the esthetics, they realize that the therapeutic benefits are equally if not more impressive.

By the mechanical stimulation procedure, lipomassage will boost the circulatory processes (blood that nourishes our entire body) and lymphatic drainage (purify toxins) which triggers the breakdown of fat that causes the dimpled looking skin.

The controlled aspiration gently lifts up and kneads the skin to deeply massage the targeted areas improving blood flow by 400% (Laser Doppler measurement) and improve lymphatic drainage by 300% (Lymphoscintigraphy measurement).

Furthermore, people who suffer from fibromyalgia, heavy swollen legs and other deep tissue problems can also benefit from Lipomassage because of the therapeutic aspects of the lymphatic drainage.  Also, Endermologie plays a unique role in sports.  This treatment improves training tolerance and can help reduce muscular fatigue by draining excess fluid (lymphatic drainage), softening muscles, and reconditioning the connective tissue. Athletes can experience a greater range of motion, fewer injuries and a reduction in muscle aches and pains.

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Benefits of Lipomassage:

  • DESTOCK: Triggers the breakdown of fat and reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • RESCULPT:  Stimulate the process of lipolysis by targeting certain localized fat areas
  • FIRMING: Stimulates the fibroblasts to regenerate collagen and elastin.

During the treatment

The treatment is tailored according to the analysis of your ‘’problem areas’’  and the goals you set with the professionally trained technician.  It lasts for 45 minutes and is painless.  The procedure consists of  4 actions: to remove fat, firm skin, smooth cellulite and reshape the body.  After putting on the ‘’Endermawear’’ (LPG Bodywear), a very light bodysuit, specific to lipomassage, you are ready for a moment of relaxation.  During the program, regular evaluations will allow you to monitor your progress against your preset goals.

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